NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Birmingham, Artificial Turf in Birmingham, AL

Artificial GrassIf you are looking for Artificial Grass Birmingham Installers, NexGen Lawns has you covered with our advanced range of artificial grass and synthetic turf products.  Our artificial grass products can be applied to multiple areas from dog runs, putting greens, lawns, sports fields, and playgrounds.  With the right skills and expertise, ensures the job is done properly with our highly experienced installers.  We can visit your location and gather all the necessary information to professionally install your Artificial Grass surface.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass has been specially developed over the last 30 years to give you only the best products.  We work with both residential and commercial properties to change the way your yard or sports field looks, functions, and feels.  Thus, it doesn’t matter how big or small, NexGen Lawns diligently works to ensure your artificial grass best suits your needs and requirements.

Artificial Grass Birmingham Options

If you reside in the Birmingham area and searching for a premium Artificial Grass Installer, it’s best to understand the advantages and benefits of synthetic grass.  At NexGen Lawns, we carry a wide range of Artificial Grass Birmingham product options to best suit your needs.  Therefore, below are a few of the options.

Residential Artificial Grass Birmingham

Residential Artificial Grass BirminghamNexGen Lawns Residential Artificial Grass Birmingham provides homes a remarkable surface that can be used throughout the whole lawn.  It is a great choice to have for any outdoor area, from the backyard, garden spaces, patios, and pool surrounds.  A residential artificial grass lawn is just a one-off payment that provides you with huge benefits.  The most recognizable advantage is the instant free time you will now have to enjoy.  Synthetic Grass Lawns are low key, which means you will no longer have to mow, fertilizer, trim, or water.  By not having to water the lawn, will save thousands of gallons of water and lower your water bill.  Artificial grass also aids in keeping harmful lawn chemicals from running off into our water supply.

Residential Artificial Grass Birmingham is kid and pet-friendly too!  It is a highly durable surface for kids and pets to play on and yet still soft to the touch.  Artificial Turf Lawns also keeps the lawn and house mud-free!  You won’t have to worry after it rains of kids and pets tracking mud or dirt back into the home.  Everyone in the family can utilize a synthetic grass solution around the lawn and even the pool.  Artificial grass swimming pool surrounds, not only keep the lawn from becoming a soggy lawn, but keeps grass from getting in the pool.  For a beautiful lawn for years to come, give NexGen Lawns a call to remodel your outdoor space!

Artificial Grass for Dogs Birmingham

Artificial Grass for Dogs BirminghamNexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs Birmingham, dogs are bound to love their new pet turf as much as regular grass, if not even more.  Dogs’ paws are sensitive to hard surfaces just like us.  Therefore, gravel or concrete dog runs are hard on their paws.  Dogs will have a highly durable surface that is soft to the touch.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs comes built with only dogs in mind to give you a beautiful lawn.  Artificial Grass for Dogs in Birmingham provides dogs with a ground surface they can play on without harmful fertilizers or pesticides they could come in contact with and irritate their sensitive skin.  Plus, as a homeowner, you will love a mud-free lawn with the highly advanced drainage system.  Due to how quickly rain water flushes through to leave no puddles or tracked in mud.  Finally, a mud-free home!

Pet resorts, training facility, and Doggy Daycares can truly benefit with Synthetic Turf for Dogs at their businesses.  Potential clients will see a dog lawn that is green all year.  Not a worn out patched together yard.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass for dogs is built to handle the high flow of pet traffic and doesn’t yellow with pet urine.  The potty breaks drain through the turf to help keep smells at bay.  Your pet business will also save in lawn maintenance costs with the elimination of mowing and watering.  NexGen Lawns artificial dog turf benefits are perfect for businesses and homes!

Artificial Turf Birmingham for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf BirminghamArtificial sports fields provide coaches and sports players more field time usage.  How is this possible?  With artificial turf for sports fields, the constant and expensive upkeep required of a field from mowing, fertilizing, and watering is eliminated.  Therefore, there are no field closures due to trying to keep the grass green and ready for games.  As the sports club owner with Artificial Turf Birmingham for Sports Fields, you will save a large amount of money and time.  NexGen Lawns carries many different kinds of Artificial Turf Birmingham for Sports Fields.  Our artificial turf in Birmingham allows for multiple sports and events.  Some include: football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, band practice, cheerleading, and more.

NexGen Lawns artificial turf fields are designed to suit your needs, while also enhancing your surface and performance.  Synthetic turf sports fields provide a consistent playing field throughout the year, and not just during warm seasons.  Therefore, providing you more opportunities for games, practices, and tournaments.  You will never have to worry about it being muddy after it rains with the advanced drainage system.  If you need help in understand which turf product is right for your space, give us a call.  We can assist you with making the right decision.  Artificial Turf Birmingham for Sport Fields will change your sports field to a cost savings switch with more playability.

Backyard Putting Green Birmingham

Golf is a popular sport by many all over the great state of Alabama.  Many love playing golf so much that individuals have been adding a backyard putting green to their homes!  NexGen Lawns Backyard Putting Green Birmingham has been growing in popularity with the ease of being able to practice right from home.  Golfers no longer have to pack up and drive to the nearest course, which can sometimes be inconvenient.  Instead you can work on maintaining and improving your golfing skills right at home.  Artificial turf putting greens have a perfect ball roll and are easy to care for, without having to ever worry about keep the putting surface green and trimmed.  Professional or recreational golfer, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is to receive a personalized golfing surfaces by NexGen Lawns.

NexGen Lawns not only does backyard putting green Birmingham, but also offers synthetic turf tee lines, putting greens, renovates and installs golf courses.  We can install a completely new artificial putting golf green or improve on a current one.  Artificial golf courses help to save in the upkeep and maintenance costs.  Therefore, providing your business with huge savings and more tee time.  No matter if you are looking for a Backyard Putting Green Birmingham at your home or business, NexGen Lawns can aid you installing a top quality artificial turf golfing surface.

Playground Turf Birmingham

Playground Turf BirminghamNexGen Lawns Playground Turf Birmingham has transformed playgrounds from being a dirty mud zone into a cleaner play surface.  Playground Turf in Birmingham, Alabama can change play areas at schools, daycares, parks, and even residential homes.  Artificial playground turf gives children a soft and comfortable surface to play on which minimizes the chance of hazards.  Artificial turf for playgrounds can have padding installed underneath the turf to give an extra cushion layer to protect kids.  Caregivers and teachers will feel relief in knowing kids playing at the playground will have a safer surface beneath them.  Additionally, kids will  stay cleaner without having dirt or mud to dig in.  As a result, the play yard will have a beautiful green surface year round.  There are also no more concerns of dealing with rubber or wood mulch chips that stick to everything.

Unlike dirt, mulch, or concrete grounds that become a disaster zone with standing water, artificial turf has an advanced drainage system to allow rain water to quickly pass through.  This allows more recess time for kids by not having to cancel for wet conditions outside.  The water does not puddle on top, which means there is no mud or standing water to deal with.

NexGen Lawns Playground Turf Birmingham has been providing child safe surfaces for numerous schools, parks, and backyards.  For a safer and cleaner surface, give NexGen Lawns a call.

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