Come View NexGen Lawns’ Selection of Artificial Grass for Sale

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience why fake grass has become increasingly popular, we can help you!  Artificial grass transforms outdoor spaces into relaxing getaways.  Thus, this is one of the reasons why many seek out artificial grass for sale.  Why waste the weekends working in the lawn?  Or maybe you have a lackluster landscape at the office or throughout your home garden?  Instead change the outdoor space with an eco-friendly solution through our artificial grass for sale!  Artificial turf comes without the mowing or watering chores.  Plus, you don’t have to lay down any harmful lawn fertilizers either.  We can assist you in experiencing a maintenance free synthetic grass lawn through our team of professional installers.

Artificial Grass For Sale

Stop the lawn care frustrations and show off a full faux lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Sale Provides Numerous Options

Landscaping Turf Grass – Synthetic grass sculpts beautifully around the entire landscape.  Fake grass easily changes a boring or run down backyard to a full soft green yard.  Plus, synthetic grass easily edges around landscaping beds and even swimming pools.  With fake grass, the annoying grass clippings end!  Thus, giving you a neat lawn and even pool!  So, you can benefit through reduced lawn maintenance all by switching to artificial grass.

Putting Greens – Does playing more golf sounds like a nice experience?  Then, treat yourself to having your own backyard putting golf right at the comfort of your own home.  Home putting greens provide you with the option to work on your swing on your own time-frame.

Sporting Grass – Our artificial turf provides extremely durable sport surfaces for multiple sports.  This includes indoor sporting training fields, outdoor athletic fields, and batting cages.  In addition, sporting grass reduces upkeep expenses.  Therefore, helping to save your club money.

Dog Turf – Artificial turf gives dogs their very own play space that comes with extremely strong synthetic fibers.  Thus, giving pets a dog-friendly spot for them to play and even have potty break.  Additionally, dog turf can be applied to  specific lawn area, or across the entire landscape for open play.

Why those are just a few selections listed above.  Check out all of artificial grass for sale for even more options!  We carry a wide selection to fit your fake grass needs.  Ready for your very own install or have questions?  Then, simply submit a quick inquiry on our website.  Or give our team a ring at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more.