15 Year Warranty

NexGen Lawns residential synthetic grass products are covered by a 15 year warranty.  Our products are manufactured with only the highest quality products from start to finish.  For this reason, we are able to offer a 15 year warranty that can support our claims of quality materials and workmanship that is used in the making of NexGen Lawns synthetic grass.

Know Where the Synthetic Turf Comes From

Be cautious of any company that offers a 15 year warranty that purchases artificial grass produced in China.  What happens to you if the turf fails in 9 years?  The company that sold you the synthetic grass with a 15 year warranty might have to honor the warranty themselves.  When they go back to the Chinese manufacturer to cover the artificial turf, many of the manufactures will not support the claim.  In many cases, especially if it is a large project, the company finds themselves in court or they go bankrupt.  They usually cannot absorb the financial impact of replacing a huge project, so they usually go out of business.  This has happened to many different companies in the synthetic turf industry.

The Bottom Line

A warranty is only as good as the company backing it.  That’s why purchasing a product with a 15 year warranty from a reputable company that has a proven track-record, like NexGen Lawns with a clean record, no judgments or lawsuits, is much safer than from a company selling a 10 or more year warranty that uses synthetic grass produced in China.  NexGen Lawns offers only the highest quality products and workmanship in order to avoid any warranty issues.  Should for some reason one of our products fail we will work quickly and swiftly to resolve the issue.