Fake Turf Provides Flexibility for Sports Fields

Sports fields are always in high demand.  Especially with the variety of sports offered to kids nowadays.  Regular grass makes it difficult to host all these multiple sports.  This results in club owners losing out to other locations for scrimmages, games, and tournaments.  As a result, this provides your sport club less revenue.  Not only does your club lose income, but surrounding businesses lose out as well.  However, fake turf provides flexibility for sports fields.  Artificial grass sports fields transform a one sport field into a multipurpose field.  Therefore, multiple sports can now play on the same playing field.  A synthetic turf field offers a field for soccer, baseball, softball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, and even cheerleading practice.  Additionally, artificial turf fields don’t brown or fade away, which gives you a year round playing field.

Fake Turf

A synthetic turf playing field provides a consistent playing surface for athletes.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Fake Turf Fields are Low Maintenance

Many of times athletes are left with less time to no time for individual training with regular grass.  Especially the coaches looking to add more practice time in for their sports players.  This is due to the constant upkeep regular grass fields require.  Sports fields require upkeep to stay in playable condition.  To keep them in playable condition means constant expense of mowing, watering, resodding, and applying fertilizers.  With the high level of maintenance time for the fields means less playing time for kids.  A fake turf field is low maintenance and never needs watered, mowed, or fertilized.   Synthetic turf fields give a cost effective field while also providing more playing time.  Additionally, synthetic turf fields by NexGen Lawns have an advanced drainage system.  This ends the hassles of rescheduling games from wet field conditions.  Water is quickly drained leaving a puddle and mud-free field.

Are you ready to provide flexibility and have a low-maintenance playing field?  Our turf professionals can assist your sporting complex in designing a multipurpose synthetic grass field.  NexGen Lawns carries a wide selection of highly durable fake turf to enhance playing fields.  Our synthetic turf fields applications include outdoor fields, indoor fields, gyms, and indoor training facilities.  We offer multiple color options of artificial turf.  We can even customize our artificial turf to incorporate team logos or names.  Contact our staff at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more!