Playground Artificial Grass Keeps Kids Safe & Clean

What kid doesn’t enjoy the excitement and thrill of running outside to play or have recess time? Playground artificial grass keeps kids safe clean. For many children, that is the time they look forward to the most is racing out to climb and run around with friends. However, for many parents, caregivers, or teachers, playground time can be a time that can become stressful of worrying about kids falling or tripping and landed on a hard surface furthermore an absolute mess when kids run outside after a rainy day to come inside soaked with mud. The mud is guaranteed tracked back inside and across floors, desks, and furniture.

Many teachers therefore end up cancelling recess time and parents are stuck with active kids inside for the day and sometimes multiple days till the lawn dries back out therefore why not provide a kid-friendly turf surface designed to meet ATSM fall height standards to solve the problems? NexGen Lawns’ playground artificial grass keeps kids safe and also clean!

playground artificial grass keeps kids safe cleanKids can run freely across artificial grass playgrounds and stay dirt and mud-free. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Playground Artificial Grass Includes:

Advanced Drainage System – Nobody likes to cancel recess time due to the grass being too wet in addition children need outdoor playtime to exercise and adults need the outdoor break as well. With artificial grass comes an advanced drainage system that dries quickly. There is no dirt directly underneath to hold the water that causes water to pool and make mud puddles as water is flushed through the drainage system and dries in as little as 15 minutes.
Padded Foam Base – A safe and clean surface is of utmost importance for kid playgrounds. We supply highly elastic foam base pads to give children a soft and padded playing surface. The foam pads are non-microbial and resistant to bacterial and fungus growth.

Playground artificial grass keeps kids safe clean

Less Upkeep – Artificial grass requires no watering, mowing, or harmful lawn treatments. Children will always have the opportunity to go outside on an always ready lawn. Schools, daycares, and homeowners will save on water bills and not having to pay for lawn care. With less upkeep, kids can have more opportunities to go outside for play and exercise time.
Check out NexGen Lawns playground artificial grass available online today! We have numerous varieties of grass styles and even color options to add playful colors on the playground or school logos. If you are unsure which artificial grass product you need, give our synthetic grass experts a call today at 1-888-844-0672.