Puppy and Dog Owners Experience the NexGen Lawns K9 Grass Difference

Give your puppy or dog the soft and clean K9 grass in your yard or dog run. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Have you added a new puppy to your family? Or do you have a dog or two that need a durable outdoor surface? Puppy and dog owners know new puppies require lots of exercise and potty breaks outside. All of the running around outside and bathroom breaks tears lawns up rather quickly. The torn up lawn is not only unsightly but also dangerous for dogs and puppies to play on.

Dogs need a safe and clean surface and that is exactly what NexGen Lawns provides with our pet turf. Our K9 turf was designed with dogs in mind to provide a soft durable surface and an odor free surface. A potty break on regular grass leaves foul odors and yucky yellow spots across the lawn. To keep the urine smell away, our drainage system and all natural in-fill will not absorb odors to provide you and your dog an odor-free lawn.

No Mud with K9 Grass

Do you battle messy muddy paw prints and foot prints coming into the house? Even with all the wiping and rugs laid down, mud always manages to come into the house. Long-haired dogs can not only be soaked on their paws but their belly hair and leg hair can be stuck with mud. The muddy paw prints and muddy pet hair coming into your home will no longer be a concern with K9 grass lawn system. Rain water is quickly pushed through our premium drainage system to leave a mud-free outdoor space. Children, adults, and pets can all now have clean feet of no mud when walking back indoors and your house will be even cleaner!

NexGen Lawns K9 turf system keeps lawns clean and odor free with our premium drainage system. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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NexGen Lawns loves pets and provides only the very best to both pets and their owners. We carry a full line of synthetic dog turf available for online purchase to provide a safe and clean outdoor doggy area. To learn more about the NexGen Lawns K9 grass system for lawns, dog runs, parks, kennels – get in touch with our pet turf experts at 1-888-844-0672. Your dog deserves the best and you deserve a cleaner yard with NexGen Lawns!