Stop Thinning Grass Fields with Artificial Turf Sport Fields

Is it time for more field time and a beautiful full green sports field? Athletic sporting fields with regular grass break down quickly from continual usage leaving many fields left with thinning grass fields. Stop thinning grass fields artificial turf sport fields. Once the athletic field has worn down, sports players are left with reduce field usage that could be utilized for more games, practices, and tournaments. Other functions like band practice, dance squad, exercise classes. Pretty much all outdoor class time at schools are all impacted in less field usage.

Thinning grass fields also become a hazard during rainy seasons that transform the field into uneven muddy disasters. The dangers are also present during dry summer months when the brown spots become hard and slopped dirt slopes. NexGen Lawns artificial turf sport fields are built tough and highly durable to withstand high foot traffic. Make investment in your sporting complex from a worn down field into a year round sporting complex through artificial turf fields.

Highly durable artificial turf allows for more field usage for multiple sports to play and practice upon. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf Sport Fields Provide More Field Time

More field time is also provided through artificial turf by multiple means. Artificial turf provides complexes a multipurpose field that can be used for football, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, band practice, cheer squad, and many more functions. Instead of having to maintain multiple athletic fields, one artificial turf field could be used for all.

Stop thinning grass fields artificial turf sport fields

By utilizing synthetic turf, complexes won’t have to close fields for field maintenance of mowing, re-sodding, watering, and fertilizing. This will also help to save in annual maintenance costs of field upkeep. An artificial turf sporting field is also fast drying which means games, practices, or other events will not have to be re-scheduled for wet field conditions.

A NexGen Lawns synthetic turf playing fields provide a realistic look. They include highly advanced drainage system to quickly drain rain water to leave dry and ready to play fields. NexGen Lawns artificial turf fields allows players to not only play on them every day of the week, but allows for all-day play with additional outdoor lighting.
If you’re ready to make the switch to a multipurpose field without the worry of thinning grass issues, check out or wide selection of sporting field turf available for purchase. Have questions or ready to learn more about a multisport field; contact the NexGen Lawns team today at 1-888-844-0672.