Make the Call to NexGen Lawns for Synthetic Turf Installation

If you are in the marketplace to have artificial grass installed, make the call to NexGen Lawns.  Synthetic turf installation requires more than just laying out fake grass.  Before beginning a project requires lots of preparation.  Preparing the spot for fake grass is highly important.  This starts with correct measurements and ground work preparation.  The ground work preparation entails the difficult job of removing all the grass and dirt.  Why deal with a do-it-yourself project, when NexGen Lawns synthetic experts can do it all.  You can save yourself from all the hard work, and have the job done right by NexGen Lawns.  Synthetic grass and artificial turf by NexGen Lawns provides you with professional installation.  We offer synthetic turf installation for a variety of purposes.  Plus, our installations are for both homeowners and business owners wanting quality fake grass.

synthetic turf installation

Artificial grass works beautifully between and around driveways for an extra touch of style different from the neighbors.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Some Synthetic Turf Installation Include:

Lawns & Patios – Synthetic grass allows for a whole lawn remodel.  This is even true if you are lacking a lawn and only have a patio or balcony.  Faux grass provides a soft green landscaping touch across wooden balconies, concrete patios, and terraces.

Driveways & Pavers – If you want a stunning driveway that stands out from the crowd, synthetic grass is it.  Synthetic grass can weave between stone pavers and concrete driveways to create a one of a kind design.  Also, fake turf can go around landscaping gardens, roundabouts, and pools.

Parks & Kennels – Faux turf is the durable solution perfect for kids and pets.  We have installed many play turf for parks to provide kids a soft surface below.  With the high durability of our synthetic grass, makes it great for dogs too.  Children and furry four-legged kids can go outside together if they please to an always green lawn.

Those are just a few of our synthetic turf installation available to our clients.  For other synthetic turf installation possibilities, please call NexGen Lawns.  We offer installation services to meet both outdoor and indoor spaces all with synthetic grass.  So save yourself from the installation work, and enjoy the end results of our fake grass installation.  You can reach our crew at 1-888-844-0672 to go over your synthetic turf installation possibilities.