Artificial Grass in Dallas

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass in Dallas, TX Options

NexGen Lawns are experienced and highly skilled installers of Artificial Grass in Dallas, TX and the surrounding metro areas.  Our artificial grass has been developed specially to cater to many environments and a wide range of applications.  We provide the highest quality of Artificial Grass in Dallas for lawns, dog runs, playgrounds, putting greens and many sports fields.  We have a vast range of skills and experience, to ensure your Artificial Grass by NexGen Lawns is of the highest standard possible.  We cater to both commercial and residential properties.  We meet one on one with our clients to help create the perfect Artificial Grass space needed to suit each individual or business need.  No matter the surface, our Artificial Turf is a perfect choice for your surface in all of the Dallas area.

Artificial Grass for your Lawn

Artificial Grass in Dallas

Having Artificial Grass in Dallas can help transform your home and lawn into a luscious green maintenance free lawn year round.  Artificial grass can be applied in any area from large lawns, small shady portions, and pool surrounds.  There’s no space too big or too small that can’t be improved upon with our premium quality artificial grass!  NexGen Lawns loves helping our customers design new and fun areas in their lawns with artificial grass in Dallas.  We work closely with you to bring your ideas into existence.

By choosing to install Residential Synthetic Grass not only will you never have to mow or water you surface again, your grass will stay green all year round, even when exposed to sunlight or the waste of pets.  Residential Artificial Grass helps to save your time and money spent watering, mowing, weeding and fertilizing.  Allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy without the worries of making sure the lawn is taken care of.  Along with never having to worry about mud being tracked back inside the home by either shoes or pet paws.  The pool will not have grass clippings blowing into it or the water run off of kids jumping in and out of the pool creating muddy spots.  The costs to upkeep the sprinkler systems annually can be eliminated as well.   To make the most of what your outdoor space has to offer and have the lawn of your dreams with Artificial Grass in Dallas, give NexGen Lawns a call today, and be amazed at the results!

Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9 Artificial Grass For Dogs

Dogs are bound to enjoy their new K9 Artificial Grass lawn more than a regular natural grass lawn.  There is no need to worry about having your lawn dug up or spoiled, NexGen Lawns provides premium Artificial Grass for Dogs in Dallas that is strong, durable and long lasting!  Regular grass compacts into harden uneven dirt trails that can be dangerous for pets to run along.  Rain transforms the dirt lawn outside into an outdoor muddy mess that can come indoors on furry feet.  K9 Artificial Turf provides a cleanlier mud-free lawn with our advanced Rapid Flow drainage system.  Muddy paw prints are eliminated and the K9 Artificial Grass lawn looks and feels lush year round.  Dogs can also feel irritated with outdoor allergies, insects, and pesticides.  With Artificial Pet Grass, there are no insects or pesticides which can irritate or itch at your beloved pet. Dogs will love to play, exercise, and lay upon their new K9 Artificial Grass for Dogs lawn by NexGen Lawns.

If you are a doggy day care or pet resort owner, Synthetic Grass for Dogs is the perfect solution.  By eliminating hard gravel play yards that can hurt small dogs paws will make your clients happy.  Having grassy areas that become large dirt spots and paths from the high track flow of paws across it each day will make for muddy areas when it rains and not allow the dogs to be able to go out and play.  With Artificial Turf for Dogs these issues go away and create an area that is easy to maintain and keep clean.  Artificial Turf for Dogs also has the benefit of being a Synthetic Grass Surface and will help eliminate any allergies that your guests pets may suffer from.  Having K9 Artificial Grass for Dogs in the DFW area at your pet business will be a win win for you and your furry customers!

Artificial Turf for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf in Dallas

NexGen Lawns offer many different kinds of Artificial Turf for sports fields in and around the Dallas area.  If you are unsure on which type of Artificial Turf would best suit your needs, NexGen Lawns can help with making the right decision.  Artificial Sports Turf provides versatility to sports fields that can suit a wide range of including: baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, hockey and soccer, all of our surfaces are designed to suit your needs and enhance your surface and performance.  Our Artificial Turf can be customized from a variety of color options and logos to make your field shine.

Our Artificial Grass in Dallas will help to save schools, cities and club owners in continual care, maintenance costs, and valuable time.  It will provide more time to spend focusing on your players, games you have, and allow players and coaches to utilize the sports field year round with the fast draining turf.  Not having to limit the usage hours of the field every week allows one Synthetic Turf Sports Field to be used for multiple activities throughout the week.  Give NexGen Lawns a call today if you are looking for a cost effective way to improve and transform your sports field with Artificial Turf in Dallas, Texas.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Backyard Synthetic Putting Green

Who wouldn’t love walking into their own Texas backyard to practice a game of golf at your own leisure?  With a NexGen Lawns backyard artificial putting green in Dallas, there is no longer a time frame for when you can play a round of golf or work on your swing.  By choosing to have it in your own backyard right in Dallas, you will have the freedom to play your own round of golf or work on your chip shot whenever you choose!  Not only will this bring added value to you as a homeowner, it is a great way to help maintain and improve your skills in playing golf.  Being able to step out your own backdoor and work on your short game can dramatically improve your golf score while having fun doing it.  So when you get to the course you can have more time to enjoy with your peers at the club house or on the golf course.

NexGen Lawns also renovates and installs Synthetic Golf Courses, Artificial Tee Lines and Boxes which eliminate worn spots, and commercial  Synthetic Putting Greens.  Our team will help improve and transform your putting green or golf course in Dallas with our highly durable, easy to maintain, and cost efficient Artificial Grass Turf.  With Artificial Grass, you will see huge savings in the maintenance and upkeep of your lawn that is no longer required both at home or your commercial golf course or putting green.  NexGen Lawns can help transform your own backyard or business into an outdoor entertainment venue for all your friends and family to enjoy on one of our Artificial Turf Putting Greens in Dallas Texas.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Playground Artificial Turf in Dallas

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass gives teachers, parents, and caregivers’ relief in knowing children playing will have a safe and clean play environment.  Our Playground Artificial Turf has a 100% recycled padded foam base underneath for a softer play area and provides quick drainage for rain water.  Children will no longer be stuck inside waiting for waterlogged lawns to dry out, and caregivers will no longer have to worry about muddy feet.  Our foam pads are highly elastic and help to retain shock absorption to protect children.  The padding contains no rubber, lead, or other heavy metal.  We also use non-rubber infill; therefore, no worries about rubber flecks being stuck onto your child’s skin or clothing.  NexGen Lawns helps to provide safe and soft playing surfaces throughout with Playground Artificial Grass in Dallas, and is designed to meet ATSM fall height standards.  NexGen Lawns has already refurbished a number of school play parks and home playgrounds, and we can do the same for you.

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