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Artificial Grass
If you are in the market to have artificial grass installed in Denver, NexGen Lawns is the premier artificial turf supplier and installer to choose.  Why NexGen Lawns?  Our products have been developed over the past 30 years to ensure you a premium advanced range of synthetic grass products.  We provide the highest quality artificial grass products that include the lawn, dog run, playground, putting green, and sports field.  Thus NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Denver is the best choice no matter the surface area!

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Denver is highly skilled and experienced installers in Colorado.  We have the experience and vast range of skill sets to ensure your artificial grass is professionally installed.  With our vast range of skill sets, NexGen Lawns provides the best surface at the highest standard possible.  We work with both commercial and residential clients to create a personalized synthetic grass solution for their surface area.  No matter the size of the area you are looking to revamp, NexGen Lawns has all the varying systems to change the look and feel of your lawn, putting green, or sports field.

Artificial Grass Denver Options

If you are looking to purchase artificial grass in Denver, it’s important to know the benefits and multiple features of different types of synthetic grass.  Below are some of the different fake grass options NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Denver provides.

Residential Artificial Grass Denver

Residential Artificial Grass Denver Colorado

NexGen Lawns residential artificial grass in Denver, Colorado installed at your home brings huge advantages.  Residential artificial grass will provide you with an extraordinary green lawn that will never have to be mowed or water again.  This means no more dragging out the lawn mower, edger, and fertilizer spreader.
Therefore, you will now have the opportunity to enjoy more free time without the lawn chores.  And if you have been paying for lawn care, you will now save money in reduced lawn care costs.  NexGen Lawns residential artificial grass Denver helps to save one of our most natural resources, water.  An added benefit in not having to water your lawn will be your reduced water bill.  Artificial grass also stops toxic lawn treatments that can run off chemicals into our water source.  A residential artificial grass lawn will stay green and beautiful without discoloration due to sunlight or animal waste.

Residential Artificial Grass gives lawns and homes a mud-free surface through our advanced rapid flow drainage system.  Our drainage backing allows water to flow right through into the rock sub-base.  Both children and pets will love having the opportunity to go outside and play after it rains without the mud.  You will love having a home free of muddy paw prints and muddy foots.  With the help of NexGen Lawns, you can experience a mud-free lawn that saves you money. As well as provide you more free time for other things.  Dogs love fake grass lawns too!

Artificial Grass for Dogs Denver

Artificial Grass for Dogs Denver

Dogs are sure to enjoy playing on their NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver.  Artificial grass for dogs provides pets a clean surface area that is completely pet-friendly.  Unlike regular grass, K9 turf will deter dogs from digging. As a result eliminating muddy paw prints from coming into the house and on the furniture.  K9 Turf is easy to clean up time since the pet waste sits on top of the turf.  Unlike into the ground and dirt like with normal grass.  Artificial grass for dogs is simply washed cleaned by Mother Nature or with the garden hose.  Pet turf is completely pet-friendly for playtime or bathroom breaks.  But did you know Pet turf also helps alleviate outdoor skin irritants from allergies and harmful pesticides.  These irritants can cause scratching and biting to the pets’ skin.

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs Denver is the perfect solution for pet resorts. As well as dog parks, and dogging training centers in Denver, Colorado.  Our pet turf is designed specifically for dogs to handle the high flow of paw traffic across the surface.  While concrete or gravel surfaces that are cold and hard for dogs.  Artificial grass for dogs give them a soft surface area to play and train across.  Regular grass wears and tears quickly through active use leaving dirt trails and muddy areas.  Through our advance rapid flow drainage system, waste is easily cleaned up.  By allowing urine to pass underneath to the sub-base and not staying on the surface.  Dogs will love having a year round outdoor surface area that is built tough for all their fetches.  They will be happy for years to come on artificial grass for dogs.

Artificial Turf Denver for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Denver Colorado

Athletic fields are extremely time consuming and expensive to maintain.  Making it difficult to keep a high level sporting field that is fresh and well groomed.  The costs accumulate in the level of maintenance required for groundskeepers to spend keeping the sports field well manicured.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Denver does come with a one time upfront payment. Though you will save a large amount of time and money in the long run.  As well as enhance your sports field.  Artificial turf can suit a large range of sports from baseball, soccer, football, field hockey, lacrosse, bocce ball, and batting cages.

The use of an artificial turf surface can allow players to practice and play all year long.  Which will help improve their performance through consistent play.  An artificial turf sports field becomes a multipurpose field to accommodate multiple sports and activities.  Therefore eliminate the need of numerous fields.  Synthetic turf sport fields stop fields from become muddy and allow for more play time unlike grass that wears quickly and thins.  With the addition of outdoor lighting to an artificial turf field, the field becomes usable 24 hours a day.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf is customized to suit your needs and enhance the surface of your sports field.  Give us call to improve the performance of your outdoor or indoor artificial turf sports field.

Backyard Putting Green Denver

Backyard Putting Green Denver

Who doesn’t love a good round of golf?  The sport of golf has become increasingly more popular.  Thus many are bringing the fun to their own homes with a NexGen Lawns backyard putting green in Denver.  By installing a personal backyard putting green homeowners will have the opportunity to practice their putting skills whenever they want.  Allowing them to not have to pack up and drive to the nearest golf course.  A NexGen Lawns backyard putting green provides golfers of all skill levels to work on their game of golf without all the maintenance required with a Traditional putting green.  Our premium putting green turf can help to improve your short game and even your chip shots up to 200 yards away.  With the help of a NexGen Lawns artificial putting green, you can improve your golfing performance and be prepared for the next competitive game or tournament.

NexGen Lawns also renovates and installs golf courses, tee lines, and putting greens through our artificial turf golf surfaces.  By choosing an artificial turf tee line, golfers can work on their swing anywhere without causing worn out spots in the grass.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Golf surface is highly durable and extremely low maintenance which will greatly reduce upkeep costs and maintenance time at your golf club or driving range.  No matter whether you are interested in saving on maintenance at your golf course or want your very own backyard putting green at home, NexGen Lawns has a golfing solution for your need.

Playground Turf Denver

Playground Turf Denver Colorado

Playgrounds should be a space for children to play anytime without a messy area caused from dirt and mud.  Playgrounds endure constant wear and tear from kids digging holes, playing in mud, and throwing grass.  Other playground surfaces like wood and rubber chips become a constant nuisance to rake back into place and clean of rubber flecks and wood chips off of kids’ skin and clothing.  NexGen Lawns playground turf Denver will eliminate all of the messy problems and provide a clean and kid-friendly playground surface.  Teachers, parents, and caregivers will love having a safe play area through playground turf in Denver, Colorado.

Playground turf from NexGen Lawns will take away all those cancelled recess times caused from wet rainy conditions.  With the use of artificial turf, the rain water will not cause puddling on top of the surface like grass.  Playground turf is designed to drain quickly, so children will not have to wait days for the ground to dry back out and mud puddles to disappear.  Kids will shortly be able to go back outside after the rain to play again.

NexGen Lawns has remodeled numerous schools, daycares, parks, and playgrounds with our playground turf and we can do the same for your play space.

Choose NexGen Lawns for Artificial Grass in Denver, Colorado

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Denver is centralized to install our Synthetic Grass products all over northeastern Colorado.  Contact our turf professionals for more information to get started on your Artificial Grass Denver Installation project.  We invite you to take a look around the rest of our site to find further information about each of our Synthetic Turf products and you can purchase your artificial lawn online today.  NexGen Lawns is the solution for Artificial Turf, so make sure you get in touch to discuss the fake grass options for your space.  We look forward to hearing and working with you.

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