Batting Cages

Artificial Turf for Indoor Training Facilities and Batting Cages

Artificial Turf for Batting Cages

NexGen Lawns synthetic turf is the perfect solution for your personal or professional indoor sports training facilities and batting cages.  We offer a variety of non-infill artificial turf styles designed for indoor use and a variety of color options.  Thus, providing for all your indoor turf for batting cages or outdoor sporting needs.  From short blade non-directional artificial turf to 1 1/2 inch tall directional blades with heavy thatching to hold the blades upright for heavy use, we have you covered.  Additionally, our premium artificial turf is highly durable to withstand the heavy traffic of baseball and softball cleats.  Without the wear and tear!  Plus, NexGen Lawns indoor turf for batting cages contain a foam backing added for cushion under your feet.  Most importantly, it aids in shock absorption.

NexGen Lawns uses non-infill artificial turf for your personal or professional indoor training facility and batting cages, which means our artificial turf, will not contain sand or rubber infill.  Therefore, no worries of rubber flecks sticking on your skin and clothing.  This will leave your practice area always looking pristine and clean with no maintenance required.  Now, you will have more time to be able to concentrate on your sport, players pitch and batting swing.

To help you customize your indoor training area, we offer several different colors of highly durable artificial turf.  Plus, you can enhance your space with even a custom logo.  We can personalize your pitching mound and home plate batting mat to your team or business logo.  Therefore, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with transforming your indoor sports field.  As well as, making the right decision of which artificial turf will suit your exact sporting needs.

So, contact NexGen Lawns to get started on your very own artificial turf training facility or batting cages!  We look forward to helping you with a maintenance free indoor training facility or batting cages.