Golf and Putting Greens

NexGen Lawns carries the most realistic artificial putting green turf on the market that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  At NexGen Lawns, we install and sell the highest quality of synthetic turf for both residential and commercial properties.  Our premium synthetic turf putting greens are perfect for backyards, patios, rooftops, balconies, businesses, trade shows, and more!  We provide multiple varieties of highly durable synthetic turf to serve golf course, putting greens, miniature golf, tee line, driving ranges and mats.  Our turf provides huge cost savings in reducing continual landscaping care and saving water.

NexGen Lawns synthetic turf putting greens have the best ball roll available.  From NGL Perfect Putt which is perfect for backyards that catch balls from 30 yards out to NGL Long Ball that can catch a golf ball from up to 200 yards out, and the ability to have high green speeds for your ball to react at PGA Level.  Want to work on getting out of a sand trap?  Try NGL Bunker Turf without all of mess and upkeep of a natural sand trap.

NexGen Lawns artificial turf for putting greens contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to prevent yarn from drying, cracking, and fading in the sun.  Leaving you and your putting green only the most beautiful putting turf available!

NexGen Lawns installation team can customized the perfect green for your outdoor space.  We work closely with our clients to custom design each golfing surface tailored to each player’s needs and styles.  No matter if you’re a professional or amateur golfer; NexGen Lawns synthetic turf putting greens can help to maintain and improve your golf skills.

In addition to providing a beautifully sculpted artificial turf putting greens and golf courses, our artificial putting green turf can also be used for bocce ball, lawn bowling, croquet, cricket, tennis, and many more!

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