NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Salt Lake City, Artificial Turf in Salt Lake City, UT

Artificial Grass Salt Lake CityThe NexGen Lawns professional installers offer superior artificial grass Salt Lake City to clients across Utah.  Our highly developed artificial turf in Salt Lake City works across multiple applications.  Therefore, we can install artificial grass Salt Lake City for lawns, commercial landscapes, playgrounds, putting greens, dog runs, and athletic fields.  Our highly reputable installers work on both commercial properties and residential environments.  We can help you remodel the outside landscape or install an amazing synthetic turf surface inside.

Our high level of standards means your artificial grass Salt Lake City installation will be one of only a professional level.  The NexGen Lawns expert installers are highly skilled to give you a lush synthetic grass solution to your property.  We work on large to small fake grass applications; therefore, whichever the size you need – NexGen Lawns can assist you with your artificial grass Salt Lake City, Utah.

Artificial Grass Salt Lake City Options

To better assist you in understanding some of the excellent benefits of fake grass, NexGen Lawns has listed the artificial grass Salt Lake City options below.  Thus, this will help you in learning about the variety features and applications.

Residential Artificial Grass Salt Lake City

Residential Artificial Grass Salt Lake CityHow does the thought of experiencing a lawn that stays primped without the all the necessary work sound?  Then, residential artificial grass Salt Lake City can give you a carefree yard that stays green without the harmful fertilizers.  Unlike a grass yard that changes brown and goes away after the season.   Artificial grass Salt Lake City provides you with a well-manicured yard for everyone in the household to use all year.  No more interruptions on the weekends or throughout the week to trim the yard, wasteful watering, or edging.  Plus, fake grass not only gives you more time back, but lowers your outdoor watering bill too.

Residential artificial grass Salt Lake City works across the entire yard from the play areas for the kids, dog runs, swimming deck, patio, and enclosed porches.  We can help give you a new beautiful faux lawn that is a mud-free solution.  The drainage system allows for rain water to pass through to the sub-base below.  Thus, the lawn will quickly dry for you to enjoy your outdoor activities without having to worry about the lawn turning into a mess.  Or anyone tracking dirt, mud, or grass clippings back into your home.  Start taking comfort in your new landscaping piece with carefree residential artificial grass Salt Lake City, Utah.

Synthetic Turf Salt Lake City for Dogs

Synthetic Turf Salt Lake City for DogsAre you searching for a lawn for your dog that you never have to mow and helps to reduce odors?  Then, synthetic turf Salt Lake City for dogs can assist your home lawn.  Dogs can be rough on a lawn and leave you with a lawn mess.  Thus, our pet-friendly synthetic turf gives you the solution to a cleaner yard.  Synthetic turf Salt Lake City for dogs gives dogs a place to play and use the bathroom without any yellowing left on the turf.  Instead of pet urine sitting on top of the surface to leave smelly odors, it is quickly drained through to reduce odors.  We can give you and your dog a cleaner yard – call NexGen Lawns.

Synthetic turf Salt Lake City for Dogs is the perfect fit for high flowing traffic of pet paws at dog businesses.  We can supply your pet resort, kennel, daycare center, or training school with a strong artificial pet lawn.  With these pet businesses comes the need for a ground to handle the constant visiting four legged friends.  Instead of potential clients seeing a dog yard covered in dirt mounds and mud, give your business a stunning synthetic lawn.  Both the dogs and outdoor play lawn will stay free of mud from the use of synthetic turf, which helps to keep the inside cleaner without any mud to track in.  In addition, we can install synthetic turf indoors for training and doggy play rooms.

Artificial Turf Salt Lake City for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Salt Lake CityDo you own a sporting field?  Or thinking about installing one?  Then, consider the option of artificial turf Salt Lake City for sports fields.  With sporting fields requiring continual upkeep to keep the fields in good condition, this takes away time and money.  Artificial turf Salt Lake City for sports fields instead gives players more time to use the field and saves you in maintenance expenses.  No field closures and games to reschedule for re-sodding or trimming maintenance.  Instead artificial turf is just a one-off expense that gives you a savings for numerous years to come.  Artificial playing fields give your school or club the ability to use the field all year and not just in season.

Artificial turf Salt Lake City for sports fields can end the costs of having multiple fields.  With just one fake turf field in place, you will have multipurpose turf to host many sports.  Some include hosting lacrosse, soccer, baseball, field hockey, football, softball, cheer, and practices.  NexGen Lawns can help you with customization of your playing field to suit your needs.  We offer our quality artificial sporting turfs for outdoor playing fields and indoor use.  Indoor applications include indoor soccer fields, training surfaces, batting cages, and more.  Plus, NexGen Lawns can refurbish your current gym or training center in Salt Lake City with artificial turf.  Call today!

Home Putting Green Salt Lake City

Home Putting Green Salt Lake CityYou can have the addition of a home putting green Salt Lake City right at your residence with NexGen Lawns.  We can bring the access to golf right to your backyard on a putting green in Salt Lake City.  Why keep driving to play a few rounds?  Instead through our high end quality turf, you can have exceptional ball roll.  We can create a mini putting area to even multiple holes equipped with bunkers.  Let our team help you in designing your very own home putting green Salt Lake City.  Therefore, you can start enjoying playing golf more at your own home.

NexGen Lawns install and refurbishes commercial grounds at golf course, putting greens, and driving ranges.  Our skillful team can help give your customers a surface to golf more through the decreased maintenance.  Synthetic grass gives your business a reduction in upkeep without the use of water or trimming.  This means golfers will have more access to a green golfing surface without the care hours needed with regular grass.  The durability that comes with synthetic grass gives golfers a strong teeing surface that stays green for year round golf.  To learn more about a commercial or home putting green Salt Lake City, contact NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Salt Lake City

Playground Turf Salt Lake CityThe school yard and playground can quickly turn messy with active kids running in dirt, mud, mulch, and kicking grass pieces everywhere.  However, you can get rid of these untidy items through playground turf Salt Lake City, Utah.  The difference comes with choosing a clean and mud-free surface through fake grass.  Playground turf Salt Lake City has no wood chips, rubber mulch, or grass clipping to scatter or become stuck in hair and clothing.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns provides you with a highly developed drainage system to drain water puddles; therefore, leaving no mud.  The kids can quickly go back outdoors to play, and not be left indoors for days waiting for the playground to dry.

Playground turf Salt Lake City not only helps to keep both kids and outdoor space cleaner, but safety too.  Our fake grass can also be equipped with an additional layer of padding for a softer surface.  This padded layer helps to protect children as they play on a cushioned ground.  In addition, NexGen Lawns playground grass in Salt Lake City gives a soft feeling ground with high durability.  Our fake turf is built with exceptional strength to handle heavy traffic – making fake turf the right pick for your park or school grounds.  We can give your backyard, school playground, or indoor play rooms have a soft and kid-friendly surface of playground turf Salt Lake City.

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